Snob Hollow Designs
Founded: May 1996

Avon Park, FL 33825
(863) 835-0470 cell

Paul E. Giroux - email
paul giroux

Paul was born in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.
Retired from Canada Post Corporation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1991.
Owner of Snob Hollow Designs.
Creator of

Florida Counties Map

County Maps USA

"Our Family"
Charcoal (R.I.P. December 2010)

Koi & Goldfish (Sold, just like the picture)

Panther (Mom cat)

Kizzer (Son cat)

Oct 1993 - 6 Dec 2005
A fun cat and excellent companion. We miss you

Our home base is Avon Park, Florida, U.S.A., land of eternal sunshine.